Wedding Planners R Us

10 Dec

Hey team.

We had a wedding! It was a really nice event.

Ian Mills. . . Wedding Planner

Ian Mills. . . Wedding Planner

Weddings in Korea are SUPER expensive.  I mean SUPER expensive.  Normally, it’s a HUGE burden on families to pay for weddings for their children. So this family being money-smart and having a Mormon friend and knowing that the missionaries can help sometimes, they called on us to serve.

Initially, the wedding was going to be at the chapel.  But they actually ended up holding the ceremony at a wedding hall instead of the church.  The wedding hall has a catering service, which meant that we the missionaries didn’t have to clean up.  Hurray!!

But we did help with decorating though.  We had to tie the bows on chairs.  I learned how to tie chair bows at my brother and sister-in-law’s wedding.  I must have tied a million of them at that reception.  So make note!  Chair bows are an integral part of  international matrimonial décor.

But that’s not all.  It was lucky for this family that Elder Renfroe, a musical performance major at the University of Texas, was serving in the district right next store.  He was perfect for the job of providing the music.  Funny story though.  They didn’t invite him to the rehearsal dinner.  So he didn’t know when any of his queues were.  It was an adventure.  But things went off without too many hitches!

For what it’s worth, we got plenty of thanks by way of tasty Korean wedding fare.

Octopus is my new fav!

Octopus is my new fav!

Other than that nothing really exciting happened this week.

Oh!  One cool thing. I’ve been on my mission now for 11 months! It’s crazy! I’m almost on the downhill side.  Just kidding.  But seriously, time has flown by.  It’s pretty insane how quickly the time has gone.

I hope everyone has a great holiday season and starts listening to Christmas music 24/7!  Just one more thing.  Do you remember, that post from last summer,  HERE,  when I said that the locals were playing “Feliz Navidad” over the public loud speakers and on the Musak© in the stores.   I hadn’t heard the song for a while and with Christmas coming I decided to ask someone when they were going to start playing “Feliz Navidad” again.  The person looked at me like I was crazy.  “That’s a summer song”, he said.  Who knew?

Miss you guys!

Love, Ian


A Week of Firsts

3 Dec


This week was a big week of firsts! The first snow! My first thanksgiving in Korea! My first time eating full fish ovaries!

So to start off, it finally snowed! It was pretty uneventful.  Apparently snow looks exactly the same in Korea as it does in America.  A little disappointing.  Also, Church parking lots are just as hard to shovel as they are in America. Even more disappointing. The snow has since melted, but we had to run outside and snap some pictures. (Which I actually remembered to send.  Be proud Mom!)

Taebaek's First Snowfall, 2013

Taebaek’s First Snowfall, 2013

Next up is Thanksgiving!  So the missionaries serving in Seoul have an awesome hookup with military bases.  American military families open their homes to the missionaries on Thanksgiving.  They have access to the Commissary and can do up a Thanksgiving meal just right.  Welllllll, since I live in the middle of freaking nowhere, I don’t  have that luxury. But what I do have is a Dominos Pizza and 15 dollars that President gave us to “go crazy” with.  It was delicious, but not really “Thanksgiving”.  It was super fun with the district, but I wanted a freaking turkey.
Thanksgiving in Taebaek

Thanksgiving in Taebaek

My next big “first” is to effectively plan and make a wedding / reception happen!  It hasn’t happened yet, but expect some pictures next week!  Then we’ll know if I have a future as a wedding planner.

That’s all the exciting things to report.  I’m excited for Christmas.  But still a little bit bitter we can’t skype.

I will fight the tyranny. Take the power back.

Give somebody a hug!



Furniture Festivities

26 Nov

Hey team.

Short blog post because it’s been a boring week. This week all we did was move sisters into their apartment. They have SUCH a nice house! I’m a little bitter because our house is old and dumpy. Other than that things are good. We didn’t get much missionary work done other than installing furniture and eating food.

Why Don't We Have Ikea Assembly Service In Korea?

Why Don’t We Have Ikea Assembly Service In Korea?

This next week will be better. I’m sorry I’m such a boring missionary!

This week we found out we are putting on a wedding in two weeks at our church! A member who used to live in Taebaek needs a place to do a wedding for his nonmember friend. The member’s parents live in Taebaek, so we’re on duty! Not sure what it’s going to look like. The Sisters are probably imagining something like this . . .

Sisters' Vision of an excellent LDS Chapel Wedding

Sisters’ Vision of an excellent LDS Chapel Reception

Anyway, we’re going to make Elder Renfroe play the wedding march. He’s good at the music stuff.

Other than that, nothing exciting! It’s cold, but you knew that. Snow will come soon, but you knew that. Christmas music has already started, but you knew that, too.  

Love everybody. Give somebody a hug!

Love Ian!

Korean Golfer Park In-bee Receives Player of the Year Honors

26 Nov
Korean Golfer Park In-bee

Korean Golfer Park In-bee

Read more about Korean Golfer Park In-bee’s Player of the Year Award.  As a teenager, she attended school in Las Vegas at Bishop Gorman High School.

Don’t Be Stupid. Obey The Rules.

19 Nov

Hey Team.  This week was AWESOME!

So in case you are new here, about four months ago my mission split in half.  What was once the Seoul Mission split into the Seoul and Seoul South Mission.  The dividing line runs down the middle of the Han River which divides Seoul in half, mostly east to west.

When the split happened some of my really, really good friends got split along with it.  So I haven’t seen them (most notably Elder Nixon and my MTC companion Elder Gordon).   But this past weekend we had the rare opportunity to go down south and see all the kids that we haven’t seen for a long time!  It was awesome.

Elder Nixon and I.  Back together again.

Elder Nixon and I. Back together again.

Me and my old MTC Pals.

Me and my old MTC Pals.

Elder Mills & Sister Taylor

Elder Mills & Sister Taylor

We heard from Elder Evans, the Senior Executive Director of the Church Missionary Department. It was nice to hear from him. He talked about not being stupid and obeying the rules.  He also talked about being a better person and serving.  It was really, really good.

Oh, the other thing we did was clean this man’s house. He’s an older fellow with dementia and is probably something of a hoarder.  I’ve included some pictures for scale. It was nice to help out.

Helping Clean Up

Helping Clean Up

Other than the combined mission conference and the house cleaning nothing else is really happening.  I have a cold, again, which sucks.  But I will live.

Give somebody a hug today.

Love, Elder Mills

The Korean Forrest Gump?

18 Nov

CLICK HERE to read the story of Sim Jae-duk.  A man dubbed the “Korean Forrest Gump”  because of his passion for running marathons.

LDS Church Infographic On Missionary Work

14 Nov

Cori in Korea

Ian's Got Seoul

Elder Cole Nixon

Ian's Got Seoul

Elder Ian Mills

Ian's Got Seoul