Wedding Planners R Us

10 Dec

Hey team.

We had a wedding! It was a really nice event.

Ian Mills. . . Wedding Planner

Ian Mills. . . Wedding Planner

Weddings in Korea are SUPER expensive.  I mean SUPER expensive.  Normally, it’s a HUGE burden on families to pay for weddings for their children. So this family being money-smart and having a Mormon friend and knowing that the missionaries can help sometimes, they called on us to serve.

Initially, the wedding was going to be at the chapel.  But they actually ended up holding the ceremony at a wedding hall instead of the church.  The wedding hall has a catering service, which meant that we the missionaries didn’t have to clean up.  Hurray!!

But we did help with decorating though.  We had to tie the bows on chairs.  I learned how to tie chair bows at my brother and sister-in-law’s wedding.  I must have tied a million of them at that reception.  So make note!  Chair bows are an integral part of  international matrimonial décor.

But that’s not all.  It was lucky for this family that Elder Renfroe, a musical performance major at the University of Texas, was serving in the district right next store.  He was perfect for the job of providing the music.  Funny story though.  They didn’t invite him to the rehearsal dinner.  So he didn’t know when any of his queues were.  It was an adventure.  But things went off without too many hitches!

For what it’s worth, we got plenty of thanks by way of tasty Korean wedding fare.

Octopus is my new fav!

Octopus is my new fav!

Other than that nothing really exciting happened this week.

Oh!  One cool thing. I’ve been on my mission now for 11 months! It’s crazy! I’m almost on the downhill side.  Just kidding.  But seriously, time has flown by.  It’s pretty insane how quickly the time has gone.

I hope everyone has a great holiday season and starts listening to Christmas music 24/7!  Just one more thing.  Do you remember, that post from last summer,  HERE,  when I said that the locals were playing “Feliz Navidad” over the public loud speakers and on the Musak© in the stores.   I hadn’t heard the song for a while and with Christmas coming I decided to ask someone when they were going to start playing “Feliz Navidad” again.  The person looked at me like I was crazy.  “That’s a summer song”, he said.  Who knew?

Miss you guys!

Love, Ian


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