A Week of Firsts

3 Dec


This week was a big week of firsts! The first snow! My first thanksgiving in Korea! My first time eating full fish ovaries!

So to start off, it finally snowed! It was pretty uneventful.  Apparently snow looks exactly the same in Korea as it does in America.  A little disappointing.  Also, Church parking lots are just as hard to shovel as they are in America. Even more disappointing. The snow has since melted, but we had to run outside and snap some pictures. (Which I actually remembered to send.  Be proud Mom!)

Taebaek's First Snowfall, 2013

Taebaek’s First Snowfall, 2013

Next up is Thanksgiving!  So the missionaries serving in Seoul have an awesome hookup with military bases.  American military families open their homes to the missionaries on Thanksgiving.  They have access to the Commissary and can do up a Thanksgiving meal just right.  Welllllll, since I live in the middle of freaking nowhere, I don’t  have that luxury. But what I do have is a Dominos Pizza and 15 dollars that President gave us to “go crazy” with.  It was delicious, but not really “Thanksgiving”.  It was super fun with the district, but I wanted a freaking turkey.
Thanksgiving in Taebaek

Thanksgiving in Taebaek

My next big “first” is to effectively plan and make a wedding / reception happen!  It hasn’t happened yet, but expect some pictures next week!  Then we’ll know if I have a future as a wedding planner.

That’s all the exciting things to report.  I’m excited for Christmas.  But still a little bit bitter we can’t skype.

I will fight the tyranny. Take the power back.

Give somebody a hug!




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