Don’t Be Stupid. Obey The Rules.

19 Nov

Hey Team.  This week was AWESOME!

So in case you are new here, about four months ago my mission split in half.  What was once the Seoul Mission split into the Seoul and Seoul South Mission.  The dividing line runs down the middle of the Han River which divides Seoul in half, mostly east to west.

When the split happened some of my really, really good friends got split along with it.  So I haven’t seen them (most notably Elder Nixon and my MTC companion Elder Gordon).   But this past weekend we had the rare opportunity to go down south and see all the kids that we haven’t seen for a long time!  It was awesome.

Elder Nixon and I.  Back together again.

Elder Nixon and I. Back together again.

Me and my old MTC Pals.

Me and my old MTC Pals.

Elder Mills & Sister Taylor

Elder Mills & Sister Taylor

We heard from Elder Evans, the Senior Executive Director of the Church Missionary Department. It was nice to hear from him. He talked about not being stupid and obeying the rules.  He also talked about being a better person and serving.  It was really, really good.

Oh, the other thing we did was clean this man’s house. He’s an older fellow with dementia and is probably something of a hoarder.  I’ve included some pictures for scale. It was nice to help out.

Helping Clean Up

Helping Clean Up

Other than the combined mission conference and the house cleaning nothing else is really happening.  I have a cold, again, which sucks.  But I will live.

Give somebody a hug today.

Love, Elder Mills


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