Go Korean E-Sports!

11 Nov

Hey team,

This week the Starcraft World Championships took place in Anaheim, California.  Everyone in Korea stayed up to watch it.  (Think Super Bowl Korean Style).  Of the 16 players in the tournament finals, 15 of them were Korean.  (The other one was Swedish. . . SWEDEN SHOUTOUT).

2013 Starcraft Champion

2013 Starcraft Champion

There were over 180,000 concurrent viewers online and the championship was broadcast on Korean national television.  It was a big deal!  Once again, Korea is the world champion in 2013.  Fun fact for those of you who don’t know, Korea has ALWAYS won the Starcraft World Championship.  The World Champion has been Korean since 2001 when the championship started.  (They are pretty good).  I didn’t get to watch anything but the finals, but it was some sweet Starcraft play.  (One of our loving members had it on at the exact time that Elder Fronk and I were over at their house.  Weird!  I’m not sure how that happened).

Video games have always been one way that I can connect with the kids of Korea.  As you know, we have been teaching English class.  Some of the kids’ parents come to the class as well.  One of my students and I taught the parents about the video game League of Legends.   The class went really really well.

English class.  Topic of the day?  League of Legends.

English class. Topic of the day? League of Legends.

I love video games, so I get along great with the teenagers of Korea. Other than that, there wasn’t anything too exciting to report.  It’s still cold.  I’m still cold. In fact, right now. I’m cold. Korean is hard.  But I’m having some fun.

Gotta love me some Fried Chicken!

Gotta love me some Fried Chicken!

Elder Hone's Spaghetti Disaster

Elder Hone’s Spaghetti Disaster

So there’s that. Give somebody a hug today. I love you!

Elder Mills


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