Excerpts from Elder Mills’ letter home to his mom. Enjoy!

22 Oct


I love it here.  I love the people with my whole heart.  I feel connected with them and they feel a connection to me.  I love the culture and the food and most of all the language.  I LOVE Korean.  It fascinates me.  I love how simple and mathematical it is.  I love how beautiful spoken Korean can be. I love the songs of the Korean  people. I love it with all my soul.  I’m connected here.  You are too.  It is our heritage and it’s beautiful.

I Love Korea

I laugh when all of the grandmas at church literally spoon-feed us rice on fast Sunday to force us to break our fast.  It reminds me of my own grandmother who did the same thing when I was small.  I love helping people. I love cleaning coal dust from the  apartments of the old people who can’t bend down. I love helping the old women in the market sort leeks and I love it when they slaps my hand and tell me I am sorting the leeks wrong.


I love the kids at church.


I love brightening the life of the mentally handicapped man by reading him Bridge to Terabithia.   (Mom’s note.  Ian  has been reading to a home-bound man who spent part of his childhood in the United States.  He suffered a brain injury.  The brain injury caused him to  lose his ability to speak and understand Korean.  He can no longer read.  But he loves being read to in English.)  I love being his only friend.


I love so much about this place and this experience.  I love that I have this opportunity to serve the people of my grandmother’s homeland.   My heart is full.

Love, Elder Mills


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