Elder Fronk Is Safe And Sound And Serving In Taebaek

15 Oct

Hey Guys.

I promised to send along a picture of my new companion Elder Fronk.  He is from Cache Valley Utah.  He is awesome!  He is one of 14 kids.  Right now the family has three missionaries simultaneously serving our church.


Elder Fronk loves computer animation and playing Frisbee.  This is his first area since leaving the MTC.  I think he is adjusting well.  I’m excited for some fun times ahead!

I don’t have much to report except that I promised to send a picture.  Lookie there!   I finally came through.  As you can see, I didn’t even straighten my hair and the sun was bright. #sorrynotsorry #youknowIlookfabulous.

This Sunday was cool because the missionaries and the members got to watch General Conference from Salt Lake City!  It was neat to hear from all our church leaders! I really liked Elder Dube’s talk at conference.  He is from Zimbabwe and told a story about what his mother taught him.


She told him he should not look back.  That he should look ahead at the work that can still be done.  You can read that story HERE or watch a video of his talk HERE.  I think that everyone can learn a lesson from his story.  We need to be diligent and keep working hard at what we have committed to do.  We can have faith as we press forward.

We’re going to play Frisbee today.  Elder Fronk is excited about that!!  We will have fun.

I miss you all!  Give somebody a hug today!


Elder Mills


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