Happy Birthday To Me!

9 Oct

Hey team.  This week has been insane!

I picked up my little baby! His name is Elder Fronk. He’s from Providence, Utah and is one of 14 children! (Look out Duggars!  The Fronks are gunnin’ for you).  He’s super funny and is really working hard.  I’m proud to be his dad!  This week has been a bit stressful for me. Training is hard!  Luckily I have such a great missionary.  I’ll send a picture of us next week.  As usual, I forgot my camera.  This time, I’ll blame it on the stress of being a new trainer.  I PROMISE to do better!

This week has been a bit crazy.  We haven’t gotten very much missionary work done.  But we have done a lot of traveling and unpacking!  I’m excited for things to calm down so we can get into a little bit of a routine and get him really working!  We had a really cool experience!  Elder Fronk talked to this guy ALL BY HIMSELF AND GOT A RETURN APPOINTMENT!  So cool.  He’s killin’ it.  Much better than me.  I didn’t talk to people for two weeks after I arrived in country!  He’s awesome.

Things are good out here in Taebaek.  It’s getting cold.  Which is scary.  Winter is coming.  So is the snow.  Which I hate.  So that will be cool.

In addition to adding my new companion, we extended a warm welcome to Elder 정 (Chung) and Elder Edwards.  For one more view on how things are going in Taebaek, check out Elder Edward’s blog.  I’m adding him to my blog roll.  He takes pictures and even has a picture of my ear in one of his shots.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention my birthday.  I am now officially 20 years-old.  We are going out to eat some great spaghetti.  That’s delicious!  Plus I got a birthday box from home, which included a cake mix.  (Thanks Mom!) So we will be feasting on some cake later.

Every October and April, the Church meets in General Conference in Salt Lake City.  They broadcast it around the world.  But by the time the sessions start in SLC, Sunday in Korea is almost over.  If we watched it live, we would be watching late into the night on Sunday and through Monday.  So instead of watching live, we just wait a week for the translation and watch it with the rest of the members.  Anyway, I hope you enjoyed GENERAL CONFERENCE!

That’s about it for us guys in Taebaek!  Give somebody a hug.  Love Elder Mills.


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