I’m Gonna Be A Father!!

5 Oct

Hey all.

My regular readers remember all about missionary transfers.  If you missed that post, learn more about transfers HERE.  

Anyway, this week we got news regarding the upcoming transfers.  Here’s the big news.  On this transfer, I will be staying in Taebaek.  I will be training a new missionary.  I am also going to be the new District Leader.  If you need to, please reference the post about mission organization and leadership HERE.  

My companion, Elder Leavitt, is heading back to the city. He will also have a brand new missionary to train.  It’s funny.  In missionary lingo, the senior companion who is training a new missionary is referred to as the “father” of the “baby” missionary.  There are all sorts of “missionaryisms” like that.  I’ll share those with you as we go along.

The senior companion of a new missionary is referred to as the new missionary's father.

The senior companion of a new missionary is referred to as the new missionary’s father.

When a “father” is assigned a “baby” missionary, he and his old companion usually travel back to the mission home where the “father” picks up his new missionary.  Then they head out together to the apartment where they will be staying.  That means both Elder Leavitt and I will both be headed back to Seoul this week to meet our new companions.

Because we are moving on, it’s time to celebrate.  Elder Leavitt and I will going out to the meat buffet today.  We are going to eat a whole lot of tasty meat.  It will be a very good day. Next week will be more exciting. I’ll have a lot more to share.  I promise.  And I’ll send pics of the meat.

I love you all very much!  Remember to give somebody a hug today!



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