Chuseok 추석 Korean Missionary Style

24 Sep

Hi all!  Hope you have been well!

This week was 추석 (Chuseok).  Basically, its Korea’s version of Thanksgiving.  I posted a link to Chuseok last week HERE.  I’ve got another one this WEEK.  On Chuseok, the entire country shuts down for 3 or 4 days so everyone can have time to travel to their hometown and spend the holiday with their families.  What ends up happening is people sit in traffic jams the day before the holiday.  They spend the actual holiday with their families.  On the day after, they sit in traffic jams all day so that they can get home.  Families are really important. Because everyone is so busy with travelling and eating food and paying respect to their ancestors, missionary work is hard during Chuseok.  Since we the missionaries don’t have our families around, we get to do other fun things.  Our추석 holiday went a little like this.

Wednesday afternoon:  We beat the rush of people on the train going into Seoul.  We arrived at about 5:00 p.m.  We walked around and talked to the few people on the mostly empty streets and then slept in the temple boarding rooms that night.

Thursday:  We attended our Mission Conference.  Every missionary in the Seoul mission converged on one poor little chapel.  We met together and had a testimony meeting.  We heard from our Mission President.  President Christensen talked about being a better light to those around us.  The meeting was super spiritual.

Sis. Jeong in her hanbok!

Sis. Jeong in her hanbok!

Then came the good stuff.  We ate food.  Lots of food.  Never ending food.  Infinite food. (You get the picture). For example, the missionaries consumed only 100kg (220lbs) of kimchi with our meal.  The rest of the day was a super rare, break day.  We stayed at the Church.  The Korean Sisters and Elders telephoned their parents.  Overall, it was food and good times all around.  That night we said goodbye to everyone, boarded our trains and headed home.  Surprisingly, the rush back home had not yet started so the train was not that crowded.  Then, the real work began.

Friday morning: Traditionally, this is Korean Missionary Apartment Cleaning Day.  Every year, the missionaries are SUPPOSED to deep clean everything in their apartment top to bottom.  Move fridge & stove and all that jazz.  Basically make it sparkle. I knew that I was in for a treat when I found a post-it-note dated from three-year ago.  Apparently, What was supposed to have been happening, just hadn’t happened at all.

Elder's Apartment Before. . .

Elder’s Apartment Before. . .

Cleaning the fridge on the balcony

Cleaning the fridge on the balcony.

We spent nine hours cleaning that day.  We cleaned as much as we could and then we went to sleep.  I think that it is the most tired I’ve ever been.

The next day, Saturday, we got up and finished the job and took pics, pics and more pics.  Check ‘em out!   FINALLY we finished.  I think our apartment looks great!

Can't think of a better way to spend a holiday.

Elder’s Apartment After!

It was a great week, I ate so much food and I loved it!  I love you guys!  Have a great week!

Love Ian.


One Response to “Chuseok 추석 Korean Missionary Style”

  1. Frosty Shepherd September 24, 2013 at 4:13 am #

    Very proud of you Elder! Your sense of humor and love for The Lord is inspirational…as are you amazing disco dance moves and angelic voice! Keep up the great work!

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