Hey! What’s Wrong With A Little Time At The Beach?

10 Sep

Hey team,

This past week went by pretty quickly! There’s not much exciting going on out here.  The one great thing that I do want to talk about is that my companion and I went on exchanges!  Since my regular companion, Elder Leavitt, is a District Leader (see my BLOG POST on the organization of a mission to be reminded about what that means!) one of his responsibilities is to go on exchanges with the Elders in our District. We traveled to Kangneung.  It’s a nice city by the beach.  I snapped a great picture of a rainbow while we were there.


Worth mentioning is the fact that we got to ride bikes!  Because traffic in Seoul is so heavy, the missionaries don’t ride bikes in the main metropolitan area.  But out here in the countryside, some missionaries get bikes.  Kangneung is a bike area.  So obviously I had to snap one of those iconic-bordering-on-cliché missionary-on-a-bike pics for you. Here it is.


Last week I told you about my Kimchi adventure.  I finally uploaded some photos of that event as well.  Don’t forget to check them out HERE.  When you see the pictures, just overlook the fact I’m getting fat.  The Korean food is delicious.  I admit it.

The weather has started to turn a little chilly.  I had to break out the sweaters. Things are great. I love it up here in the mountains.

My spiritual thought this week comes from President Hinckley’s talk in the 2006 April Conference.  He spoke about being kind.  Sometimes we as missionaries think too much about baptisms, and not about our love and what we can do for service.  In this talk President Hinckley talks about there being a “greater need for kindness”.  I think that that counsel still applies today.  If we take time to show people kindness, they will be much more likely to hear what we have to say.  And if we as missionaries can encourage everyone to be kind, we will all be better missionaries, neighbors and citizens.  Would you listen to the neighbor that dumps his leaves on your lawn or is inconsiderate?  Probably not. But I might listen to the uplifting message from a neighbor that is always kind and waves and smiles at me when I leave.

Be kind. Love others.  Show your love for others.  As you do, you will receive blessings and others will receive blessings from you.  It’s a win / win.

I love you all. Keep doing great things.  YOU CAN LITERALLY FLY!

Love, Ian


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