City Missionary / Mountain Missionary

27 Aug

Howdy howdy! This week’s post comes from our vintage computer at the church.  The usual vintage computers we use to send our emails have decided to bite the dust.  So Elder Leavitt and I are taking turns.  I studied while he sent his email and he’s studying while I send mine.

This week has FLOWN by!  But a couple of exciting things happened.   As I said last week, Elder Leavitt and I hiked a mountain. That was sweet. I bought a Domino’s Pizza. Delicious . . . should have bought two.  Probably the highlight of the week is that we rode four hours on a bus to Seoul.  My companion, Elder Leavitt, is a district leader.  The mission had a leaders’ conference that he was invited to attend.

While he was in the conference, I paired up with another missionary and we found time to go the bookstore.  I love books!  So I love the bookstore. . . especially this one.  It’s underground and super huge.


The travel scheduling was such that we couldn’t make it to Seoul and back in the same day, so we got to sleep over and caught a ride back to the mountains the next day.  I love Seoul.  I really miss it.  The city is my favorite place in the mission so far.  I would send a picture, but I forgot my camera again…. whoops.  #Sorrynotsorry

Missionary work is a little bit different out here in the mountains.  I wanted to take a minute to talk about some of the things we do.  For example, in Taebaek, we get to do things that we would never get a chance to do in Seoul.  In the city, there are lots of members to make the church work.  There are nowhere near as many members out here as there are in the City.  That means we the missionaries get to do assignments that the local city members do.  Just the other day, the District ran my companion and I through an audit.  (We’re the Clerks for the congregation).  We had to make sure that the records were up to date and everything was accounted for.  It only took SIX HOURS!  I hope that doesn’t come up again while I’m here.

Otherwise, life as a mountain missionary is about the same as it is in the city.  In fact, we keep the same schedule as all the missionaries in the whole world

6:30 Am. Wake up, exercise (substitute laying on floor “stretching” on some days too)

7:00 Shower, Shave Eat

8:00 Personal Study (Exactly like it sounds, study by ourselves and such)

9:00 Companion Study (Also exactly like it sounds. Study, but with each other)

10:00 Language Study (You guessed it.  I study Korean)

11:00 Lunch. (Food)

12:00-5:00.  We knock doors and meet people on the street.  Sometimes we can set return appointments.  Sometimes not.  But mostly we try to talk about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

5:00 Dinner (dinner)

6:00-9:00 Most of the other missionaries around the world get to go back on the streets and keep doing the missionary thing.  But here in the mountains we do things a little differently.

Since we’re in charge of keeping the church building nice, we get to go be gardeners or repairmen or trash taker-outers, or snow shovelers.  The reason we do that is because traditionally Koreans eat dinner at about 7:00.  After work, they all go home and eat with their families.  That is especially true in the mountains.  Some of the businesses and homes will open back up again after dinner.  But by then, it’s time for us to go home to bed.   When the families are eating, they won’t open the doors if we knock and they aren’t on the street.   So that’s when we clean up the records, doing tithing and then basically helping the branch run doing as much as we can.

Things are fun. I love it out here. It’s gorgeous. I’d let you see. But again… forgot the camera. Sorry!

Hope everyone is ready for another school year! Be happy, smile loads! Love all of you!


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