Jay-Z has no hustle . . .

13 Aug

Helloooo from Taebaek!

Remember last week when I talked about Taebaek trying to revitalize its community with all sorts of touristy things? Well this week I had my first experience with that!  There’s a famous spring of water right in the middle of Taebaek that is the source of two really big rivers in Korea.  It’s a popular tourist place. (It’s all pretty lame if you ask me.  These rivers don’t even have any magical powers like the Ganges.  They’re just gross looking.)  Anyway, at the start of these rivers there’s a park of sorts.  Every weekend during the month of August the city has been putting on shows, and they have been great!  Basically the WHOLE city goes to these concerts.  So we get to go too!  Nobody is at home.  Knocking on the doors of empty houses is ineffective.  We just talk to people at the concerts.  In fact, there have been some TOP-NOTCH musicians performing, including a MARIACHI BAND!


Remember LAST WEEK when I said that Feliz Navidad was the theme song of Taebaek? Yeah . . , true fact. But I also learned that Mariachi music is the theme music of Taebaek.  Mariachi band comes on stage . . crowd goes NUTS. Absolutely insane. Most ridiculous thing I’ve seen. In addition to the Mariachi band. They had some world-class opera singers a couple of nights ago, like give me the chills opera singers. SO GOOD.


Other than that things are great. Korean people are great. Korean Grandma’s are great. They go so hard. all the time. Think of the Wiz Khalifa song “Work Hard, Play Hard.”  Play that song, and then add  a 96-year-old woman with a hunched back hustling corn and peppers, smacking children and talking about respect, and you have Korean Grandmas.  Jay-Z has no hustle compared to these Korean Grandma’s and their corn.  I saw a 90-year-old woman with probably 40 pounds of corn on her back walk into a KFC and hustle corn to people eating lunch.  They actually bought her corn. So baller.  Anyways, mad respect to the Korean Grandmas.

My Beautiful Korean Grandma  Son Soon Jung

My Beautiful Korean Grandma
Son Soon Jung

This week for my spiritual  thought, I want to talk about humility. It has been a rough couple days for me the past week. My language has been struggling and I didn’t really know the reason why.  It took me a couple of days but I realized that I was trying to rely too much on my own strength and enough not on Heavenly Father.  As soon as I realized that I had some changing to do, I came out stronger in the end.  Hopefully I won’t need another humbling for a while.  But I’m grateful  for the couple of days that I spent understanding nothing.

Stay Humble. Repent. Stop and pet the puppy in the pet store. Keep on Smiling.

Love, Ian


One Response to “Jay-Z has no hustle . . .”

  1. Mike Shepherd August 13, 2013 at 4:56 am #

    And to think I thought I knew you. Did you seriously not agree that Mariachi music is some of the greatest gifts known to man?! How dare you sir…how dare you!

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