More Food . . . Experiences?

22 Jul

So……kinda awkward.  I said last week that I would send more pictures…. and I kinda didn’t.  Except for these two.  One a picture of the most delicious baguette pizza I have ever eaten in my life.  SO good The second picture is me eating some other food with a story behind it.


So a guy in our ward, Bro. Jo, wanted to take us to eat.  He called it “Real Korean Food.” When we asked him what kind of food he was talking about it he just laughed and said that we would see. So he called us last week and said “Come on, let’s go eat”.  So we went and ate lunch with him. We pull up to this super sketchy looking restaurant and went inside.  He ordered something and we sat and everyone tried it.  Turn out he ordered…. Dog!   So I ate dog meat this week.


In all honesty, there was nothing delicious and nothing disgusting about it.  It was completely average as far as meats go.   Sorry for that awesome buildup to such an average meal.  It tastes KINDA like roast beef, but not really. The only gross part was the skin. which is gross.   Don’t eat the skin.  I give the skin a 0 of 10 rating.  Other than that nothing really exciting happened this week. I’m still always wet, it’s still always raining, Korean is still hard and I still love every second of it.

Thank you for all of the letters I have gotten.  I’m sorry if one of your letters slips through the cracks.  (Literally, there’s a crack in my desk and letters fall down there). I promise I’m not avoiding you!

Much love!  I promise I’ll take more pictures, and I promise I’ll try and write you back 🙂   Keep smiling and serving!


One Response to “More Food . . . Experiences?”

  1. Mike Shepherd July 24, 2013 at 2:58 pm #

    I’m fairly certain they will ask you if you ate dog when you come back through immigration. I would just be honest with them. You’ll get off easy if you tell them you didn’t like the skin!

    Keep working hard!

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