How To Move Furniture In Korea

1 Jul

Hello everyone!

This week has been an exciting week for us here in 원당 (Goyang) for several reasons.

Number 1. We’re getting sisters in our area! Our Bishop made a special request and starting next transfer, we will have our own district and sisters. The work is exploding down here and I’m so happy to be a part of it!

Number 2. We are finally getting rid of our couch this week! Couch disposal in Korea is a tricky thing. Here is the way some Elders have tried to do it.


But getting furniture into or out of a Korean high rise apartment is a little more difficult.  Instead, movers bring in this kind of truck looking thing with a crane on it, (think like a fire truck ladder, but with a movable platform on it).  Anyway, because there are so many apartments that are really high up, when people move into or out of a house they have to put all of their stuff on the platform and then slide it down elevator along the side of the building.

dsc01180These outdoor elevators go up to about 100 m in the air. We are doing that later this week in order to get rid of the old couch and fit more desks in our house.  We are expecting the new wave of missionaries and we have to accommodate them.  So the good news is, our couch is gone! It’s about 15 years old, and I’m sure every missionary in the world has sweat on that thing (I’m looking at you Bishop Wyatt).  Anyways, it’s disgusting and I’m glad to be rid of it.  Ha Ha!

Number 3. We got to make 만두 its pronounced Man-Doo. It’s a traditional Korean Dumpling. We had to mash up the fish heads and everything. They were super delicious.


Number 4. This week was the last week I could see my friend Elder Nixon before he went to the Seoul South Mission. The rules say that missionaries can’t leave the mission so where better to spend our last p-day together than at the Hello Kitty Cafe! It’s right in the heart of Seoul.  It was super expensive, but way worth it!

IMG_0589Number 5.  Today is exciting because I will get to play volleyball for the first time in a couple months! it will be good to play again.

That’s all for this week, Next week I’ll write my reflections on last week’s world-wide leadership broadcast.  So be ready.  🙂

Love you all.  Keep working hard and loving everyone.

Elder Mills


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