My Least Favorite Word in Korean

24 Jun

I want to teach you my least favorite word in Korean this week. 


The word is mosquito.


Just like in the US, Korean mosquitoes suck!.  However, there are lots more of them in Goyang than there ever were in Las Vegas.

This week has come with a surprise! I’m not training!  The elder that was supposed to join Elder Vomocil and I got sick in the MTC and never made it onto the plane.  SO Elder Vomocil and I are staying in 원당!  And things are pretty much the same as last week.

This week is sad because I have to say goodbye to the missionaries in the south mission. It’s kind of a bummer because Elder Nixon (insert blog link) will be heading down south to keep up the work!  Elder Cole has a blog too.  You can follow his exploits at

Even though Elder Vomocil and I didn’t get a new missionary, there is a change in our house!  We got a new Korean missionary! The other elder in our house, Elder Tucker, finished up his mission this last transfer and so elder Comer got a new companion! Elder 이준석 is a 교포 meaning he is a Korean living in another country.  In fact, he’s from Seattle, Washington.  He’ll be a great missionary and I’m excited to serve with him.

Serve happily.  Look for people to help every day. Smile. Hug a lot. Tell people you love them.  But don’t open the carton of cottage cheese in the back of your fridge.  It will ALWAYS end badly.



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