Total Flood Averted!

3 Jun

This week has been an adventure and a half!  A couple of nights ago, we got a big knock at our door. It was the downstairs neighbor.  I guess one of our pipes broke.  Water had been leaking downstairs on them.  So now our floor is torn up and we have no water!  It’s great fun!  Other than that, things are going great up here in 원망! (Goyang)

I still can’t speak Korean and that’s okay.  But the thing that’s not okay is that I will most definitely be training a new missionary, if not next transfer (two weeks from now) then FOR SURE in two months.  I feel so unprepared.  The reason I am going to have to train is because of the changes made in Salt Lake last fall.  In October 2012, the President of our Church, Thomas Monson lowered the age for missionaries to depart on their church missions.  Men can leave at 18 instead of 19 and women can leave at 19 instead of 21.  That has caused a big surge in the number of missionaries getting mission calls.  In other words, more of us have to be ready to train new missionaries at a much earlier point in their missions. 

The effects of the missionary-surge are going to be amplified in Korea because the Seoul Korea mission will split in two as of July 1, 2013.  That means that there will be even more new missionaries than there otherwise would have been.  As of right now, it’s still a tossup as to who will be in what mission.  Both missions will be wonderful, so I don’t really mind which one I end up in.  But this week we got to say so long to those who will end up assigned in the other mission.  We did that at the mission-wide conference.   

Sister Bluth and Elder Mills

Sister Bluth and Elder Mills

As missionaries, we have conferences periodically.  Sometimes those conferences are just for the missionaries in one Zone of the mission.  Other times we’ll have mission-wide conferences.  Our conference last week was our last mission-wide conference before the mission splits.  This was our last opportunity to get together and say good-bye to those who will be in the other mission.    It was great to get to see so many of my fellow missionaries before the split. 

Elder Mills with President and Sister Christensen

Elder Mills with President and Sister Christensen

Even though I still don’t know the language, I know that the members in Korea are on our side.  They want to support us.  I know that they will help me training a new missionary whenever that will be. 

This week I wanted to mention something from one of the Apostles of our church, Jeffery R. Holland.  He spoke about despair.  He said that despair is of the devil and is the opposite of faith.  As we act in faith, there is no room for despair. It is okay to be discouraged and it is even necessary to be, as we are responsible to grow and learn in this life.  But despair “ought not to be.”  I know that as we turn to the Savior in times of despair and grief, that our burden may be made light in the Lord. Trust in the atonement, and although life is never easy, our burdens may be made light.

I would also like testify of the Plan of Salvation. My thoughts this week are turned homeward as I also grieve for the loss that the Aliante ward suffered this week.  But I would also like to add my Special Missionary Witness that Jesus Is the Christ, and that through the Atonement, we again can return into the Joys of the Lord, Eternally, and even more importantly, eternally with our families. Love your neighbors.  Serve selflessly.  You really can never know whose day you can make, or who needs encouragement the most. I love you all so much.  Keep the faith. Love all. Smile. Serve. 

With love, always, 



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