Gotta Go! My Mom Is Calling!!

13 May

Please excuse me.  This week is not going to be a long blog post.  Mother’s Day is one of the two days of the year that an LDS missionary gets to talk to his or her family.  I am writing this post while my companion, Elder Vomocil is talking to his family on the phone.  As soon as he hangs up my family will be calling me.  So I am writing as fast as I can.

This week has been crazy!  Last week they announced the transfers and this week we executed on those plans.  Elder Whitaker has moved on to his new assignment.  Now, it’s just Elder Vomocil and I keeping up the work in the Wondang Ward! 

Elders Mills, Whitaker and Vomocil saying "So Long!"

Elders Mills, Whitaker and Vomocil saying “So Long!”

Elder Moon and Elder Mills

Elder Moon and Elder Mills

In addition to crazy, this week has also been exciting!  Our apartment is in the City of Goyang.  The City celebrated its 600th anniversary this week.  Every night this week there were celebrity visits, concerts, celebrations, food and fun all over the city. The other thing that is awesome is that it was also a celebration of Buddha’s birthday.  So double the festivities!  We got to watch the parade through the square in our area.  It was awesome!

Buddha's Birthday Float in Goyang

Buddha’s Birthday Float in Goyang

This week I wanted to talk about service. People in Korea don’t like to be helped.  They pride themselves on being self-sufficient.  The Korean people are only now in the process of creating what we Americans recognize as “Social Security”.  Before now, families would take care of their parents.  But as the society changes, that becomes harder and harder.  When older people in Korea don’t have a family to support them, they can get a job from the government.  For example, some older people will bring recyclables to the recycling plant.  They get paid just enough to survive.  But if you ask them, they don’t do it because they need the money (which some do).  They do it because they care about their city being clean and neat. I think that as we take the example of these people and look for places to serve, we can find them.  As we serve like the Savior, we can truly begin to love the people we live with and the places we go.

I love you all very much.  Talk to you next week!   Now I’m gonna talk to my Mom. 


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