My First (Official) Transfer

7 May

This week was an exciting week in Goyang! I have officially completed my first mission transfer!

Missionaries measure time in six-week increments.  That is because every six weeks you have a transfer day.  The Mission President has to move people around when new missionaries arrive and others go home.  On transfer day, things change.  You might get a new companion or move to a new area!  Or you just might stay where you are at.  This time, my transfer won’t be that exciting.  But there were shakeups.  I have been in a threesome with Elders Whitaker and Vomocil.  We have been living in an apartment with one other missionary pair.  Here is a photo of the five of us at church.

With Missionary fellows at Goyang, Korea_at Goyang, Korea_IMG_7285

Our third man, Elder Whitaker, the senior companion, is leaving!  He’s headed to 강남 to eat delicious food and lead the work down there. That leaves Elder Vomocil and I up here to manage things in Goyang!   It will be baptism by fire for both of us because we are both still relatively new.   The announcement of the transfer comes this week and the actual move will be next Monday May 13, 2013.  

With all the new missionaries arriving soon, the day will come for me to be the senior companion.  So far, my companions have all be non-native.  We speak more English than we should.  I’m trying to spend a lot more time being quiet and listening to the members when they speak.  I’m trying to take 10-15 seconds at a time thinking in just Korean.  It’s not easy.  I don’t think I know enough words yet to survive.  But I’m working hard the next six weeks.

I told many of you that one of my hopes is to track down my Korean relatives while I’m here.  I want to tell you about a miracle that has happened to me.  My current assignment is to serve in the Wondang Ward.  A Ward is a congregation of church members that live in a particular area and that attend church together every week.  Every ward has a Bishop.  A Bishop is like a pastor or a minister.  I told my Bishop about the search for my family.  The Bishop told me that his dad is an Area Manager in the Asia North Area Family History Center.  He will have plenty of contacts and will be able to help me IMMENSELY. The Bishop said that I need to find the oldest uncle of the family. He will have the family pedigree book.  That’s the gold.  My mom has sent me my grandma’s information and I will take my family record to the Bishop and his dad and they will do their best to help me track everyone down. 

It’s wonderful.  With faith, things really do work out. 

Our cultural experience for the week is to go the Korean jjimjilbang.  The jjimjilbang is like a health spa / hotel / bath house.  These are places where Korean families go to relax and socialize.  A businessman might stay at a jjimjilbang when he is out of town on business.  There are a bunch of different saunas and pools that you get to jump in and out of, cold ones, hot ones, really cold ones and really hot ones. My favorite one is the tea pool.  It looks gross but it is super refreshing and good for the scalp. Then you get to sit on a stool and pick from a huge assortment of soaps to scrub yourself down.  Afterward, you feel squeaky clean! 

Things are going great!  Remember to tell your mothers that you love them on Mothers Day! ❤ Love you all! Talk to you next week!


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