It’s a Small World After All

30 Apr


THE COOLEST THING HAPPENED!.  This past week we were in our little city square, and there was this straight up Native-American band playing tribal music to all the Korean people.  The audience was blown away!!! .  It was super fun.   I wasn’t expecting that one at all. 


As I said in an earlier post, we went to the Blossom Festival a week or so ago.  Here is picture of me and Elder Nixon goofing off on the bikes that we rented that day.  But as you can see from the photo, none of the trees were in bloom.  Well, this is the week that trees decided to bloom.  It was super beautiful.  The Festival Planners and Mother Nature are going to have to do a better job of getting in sync next year. 


I know I’ve reminded you all a number of times that Korean is hard.  It still is.  But this past week we got to meet with the 2nd Counselor in our Ward’s Bishopric and his family.  I was surprised because during that meeting I understood every word the family was saying.  That was the first time that that has happened to me.  I’m thrilled because it says that I’m making progress.  Now if I could just speak the language the way I wanted.  Then maybe I could stop saying that Korean is hard. 

I’ve been here for a MONTH ALREADY! Holy cow, things are going crazy fast. This week we get to go to the temple.  I’m super excited for that!

For those of you who were worried, we were able to get our hands on a crock of Kimchi.  My dad sent me this link.  Check out the Kimchi Diet here!  I should be skinny by the time I get home.

We had our missionary District Meeting this week.  Many readers are familiar with what a District Meeting is.  However, for those of who don’t know about the hierarchy of a mission, here is a quick lesson.  Every missionary companionship (be it a pair or a threesome) is assigned to a District.  There are District Leaders that are over each District.  There might be three to five companionships in a District.  District Leaders (DLs) are usually the more experienced missionaries who are assigned that responsibility by the Mission President.  The Districts are organized into Zones again with Zone Leaders who are responsible for the Districts.  There might be seven to nine Districts in a Zone.  Zone Leaders (ZLs) are missionaries as well most likely with more experience in the mission field than the DLs.  The Mission President assigns who will be the ZLs.  Then there are the Assistants to the President (APs).  APs work directly with the Mission President.  APs are also missionaries.  If you are called to be an AP it will normally be during the last or second to last assignment that you will have in the mission before you come home.  The Mission President is the person in charge of all the missionaries in the mission.  The call to be a Mission President comes from the President of the LDS Church.  Mission Presidents are adults and most of them are in their 50s and 60s.  They have been leaders in the church’s congregations (wards and stakes) before they are called to serve as a Mission Presidents.  

Anyway, so we had this District Meeting supervised over by a couple of missionaries.  We were talking about inviting people to hear our message about Christ.  Apparently, there are some missionaries who will meet with people only a few times and then will not go back if the people aren’t making “progress”.  I had to remind the missionaries that sometimes it takes years of inviting and loving people who are interested in studying the gospel.  I don’t think we should stop visiting people who welcome us into their homes just because they haven’t accepted an invitation to be baptized this month. 

Spiritual thought for the week. 

If we expect perfection of ourselves we rob ourselves of the opportunity Heavenly Father has given us to learn and grow. If we were perfect, we would never have to experience the need for the Atonement and receive the blessings that come from repentance.  As we continue to utilize the Atonement, not just for our sins, but for things that are hard or difficult as well, we can learn to be much stronger individuals.

I love you all very much.  Talk to you next week!


2 Responses to “It’s a Small World After All”

  1. linda mills goodman May 6, 2013 at 4:54 am #

    Ian it is good to see your pictures and read how you are doing out in the mission field. Are you having a lot of success teaching discussion? I realize you have only been there one month, and i am sure it is discouraging not to be able to understand the language right off thr bat, but i know our heavenly father will bless you to understand and communicate the lords message as you continue to serve him faithfully.

    Stay strong in the gosple. Love linda


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    […] this earlier POST, I gave you a primer on the basic structure of missionary leadership.  Here’s a quick […]

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