Missionary Apartments / Missionary Food / Missionary Work – Korean Style

23 Apr

Now that I have been at my new area for a couple of weeks, I have gotten to know my companions better.  Elder Vomocil is from Wisconsin and Elder Whitaker is from Kaysville, Utah!!!!!!   Elder Whitaker and I know a whole bunch of the same people from the Davis Park Young Single Adult Ward.  That is where I went to church when I was attending LDS Business College.  Elder Vomocil has been out for three transfers now, and we just celebrated Elder Whitaker’s one year mark two days ago.

Because of the expansion of the mission, the Mission President has his hands full taking care of us.  The apartment we are in has been used by the missionaries for 15 years.  Normally there are only two missionaries in this apartment.  But because of the growth in missionary work, we have five elders in what used to be a two-man apartment.  From the look of the couch, I think it has been here the whole 15 years.

In Korea, lots of people sleep on the floor on these sleeping mats things called 요s.  When it comes to sleeping arrangements, we the elders are going all Korean.  We be sleeping on the floor!  😉   Regretfully, our 요s don’t look anything like this.


Instead, they look like they have been in the apartment for as long as the couch.

I try and eat as much Korean food as possible!  It is freaking TOP notch.  Seriously so good. The food we eat at the apartment is pretty boring.  We usually eat ramen or egg sandwiches with spam and such. Peanut butter is expensive, so its P.B.& J without the P.B.  They sell bread 빵 and the price looks cheap until you learn that the loaf is ½ the size of an American loaf of bread.

So that is why I eat the Korean food.  I love the tuna.  Tuna for days, super delish.  We have no kimchi in our house but we need to get some right away. 😉  Kimchi information HERE.  Most delicious though is the bulgogi.  It’s amazing.  If you don’t know, bulgogi is BBQed beef Korean style.  Check it out.  http://www.latestrecipes.net/2009/08/26/korean-beef-bbq-bulgogi/  But the most delicious thing I have eaten was this sweet potato thing.  I don’t know what it is called in Korean but it is garlicy and delicious.

Our daily routine is just that, routine.   When the sun comes up we wake up, work out and study till 12.  After lunch we hit the streets.  Sometimes we knock doors and then sometimes we just talk to people on the streets.

On p-day we try to do something touristy.  Last week we went to the blossom festival down in 강남 *(Gangnam style 😉 ) It was pretty cool, but the trees didn’t actually bloom until this week.

A different week, we went to 덩대문 which is like this HUGE HUGE HUGE underground / above ground shopping market. I bought six ties for about ten bucks.  I bought a soccer jersey to wear around the house with my name on it.  It’s super sick.

We do exploring every day where we just walk places we haven’t been before and look at the stuff as we knock doors and talk to people.  I don’t have a pedometer, but estimate that we walk about six miles every day.  The weather is beautiful.  Things  are gorgeous here.  But that won’t last.  Summer is coming.

We have been teaching three people in our area.  They have been investigators for a long time.  But my mom was an investigator for about 15 years before she joined the church.  So I know not to give up on these good folks.  When the time is right and the spirit is working, they too can accept a commitment to be baptized.

My spiritual thought for the week is that we don’t actually need a knowledge of things in order to believe them.  We just have to hope for them. One thing that I have pondered on is that as we hope for things which are not seen, which are true, (Alma 32) then we can eventually gain knowledge of them. I HOPE for an eternal family.  That thought to me is beautiful and amazing.  But i don’t know if anything is true.  But as long as I hope for that, then that is enough. As we hope things are true we can act with that faith and come to have a more sure knowledge.

“When spiritual trials come hold the ground you’ve already won!” Elder Holland.

“Be not afraid only believe.” Elder Holland


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