Last we left our hero, he was awaiting transfer to a new area . . .

17 Apr

I felt bad about leaving my last assignment in Incheon in the Mansu Ward.  I really got along well with the members there.  They were so kind and willing to serve.  One family has eight children.  They have two missionaries heading out on missions.  어외긴 is headed to Pusan this weekend to serve her mission.  Her sister 어외선 is headed to the Hawaii Visitors Center Mission in May.  When they learned I was being transferred, they invited us to dinner.  I let it slip that I like spaghetti so the mom tried to duplicate my mother’s spaghetti.  I was really nervous about the transfer.  When she surprised me with spaghetti it literally made my whole week.  It wasn’t quite like eating at home because we were sitting on the floor eating it with chopsticks.  Even so, it made me feel super loved.  Thanks Sister.

But now, The Lord has called me to “the DMZ” zone.  Officially, I am in the city of Goyang.  It is northwest of Seoul.  The Stake that I am serving in borders with North Korea.  (The city Kaesong to the northwest of Goyang is in North Korea).


If you look at the map, that dark line running just north of town is the DMZ.  I’m excited about this new assignment.  This new area has a great split between city and rural.  My new companions are Elder Vomocil and Elder Whitaker.

Elder Whitaker has been out for over a year.  He is a great senior companion.  I have been praying to be assigned to someone who can help me learn more Korean.  Anyone who knows me knows I love to talk and not being able to chat is stressful to me.  So Elder Whitaker is my guy.  He is very humble and is super good at Korean.  I’m sure that he is going to be able to teach me more Korean than what is found in the discussions.  I look forward to working with him. 

Elder Vomocil and I are the junior companions.  He has been out three transfers.  I think that this is the Sunday when we watch General Conference.  I am looking forward to that as well.

No more time to write.  We are going down to the Han River and do the tourist thing.  We will ride some bikes and check out the Goyang Blossom Festival.  It should be fun.

1465186_image2_1 1465196_image2_1


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