Getting To The Root Of The Matter

8 Apr

Growing up in Las Vegas, I’m not used to getting this much rain.  It rained on us every day last week.  I guess that can be a blessing.  Especially for one of the Mansu Ward members who owns a farm.  On Saturday, we had a chance to go work with him and help him get his fields ready to plant.  Here is a picture of me getting all down to earth doing manual labor.


I’m in a threepanionship right now with Elder Brisette and Elder Thompson.  Seriously the Mansu Ward is the BEST ward in the whole world. The members are all super awesome. They work really hard, and serve a lot.  We have dinner tonight with the best family in the ward. He was the former bishop and now the ward mission leaders, his two daughters leave on their missions in the next week. 

But apparently all that changes this afternoon. I talked to President Christensen last night.  He is wonderful, so super down to earth and level headed.  President and I were on the phone for about an hour.  We talked about Elder Brisette and the fact that he is a rock star.  He is a trainer and he’s only on his third transfer.  We also talked about the fact that currently, Elder Brisette, Elder Thompson and I are currently covering two areas.  With all this in mind, President has said that he feels that I need to be in a different area.  He is sending me to be in a threesome with two other missionaries that have been out a little longer than Elder Brisette.  That will give me a chance to improve my language skills and take a little of the load off of Elder Brisette.  I’ll give you an update on my next report.  .

Here is a picture from my area in the Mansu district of Incheon. 


Getting around this town is really a challenge.  When we go out to visit members we are often lost.  The road / address system in Korea is in the middle of an update.  I assume that it is like the I-15 corridor in Utah.  Always being updated and never completed.  In any case, the address system here is outdated and doesn’t work because the cities have grown too much to work under the old address system. 

In response, the government assigned new addresses to many of districts.  Koreans are like pretty much every other group of people on the world.  When the government came in and told the Koreans that they now had a new address, the people  refused to mark their houses with the newly assigned address.  Their old addresses worked just fine for them.  Why would they need a new one? 

Anyway, that makes for a lot of confusion.  If you look on a map, you find one address.  But if you look at the building, it tells you something different.  You have two different addresses for the same structure.  Enter technology.  We just got a Korean Garmin / Translator.  It’s super sweet.  Not only does it straighten out the address issues (it will recognize both the old and the new address), but it also helps with the language. 

Heading out into the great unknown. I love you so much.  Miss you tons. Have a great day.  I’ll let you know where I land next week.   ❤


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