The Bounce

12 Mar

Hey world!

MTC fun fact of the week! That cold that you thought you got rid of week one? It’s back with a vengeance.

2013-02-13 00.36.52

I have said this before, but I feel reiteration is necessary. The MTC is the best unplanned pathological mutation experiment in the whole world. The Church brings people from all over the world into a small campus and then forces them to live, breathe, eat, and touch each other. . . for weeks at a time. It is awesome to see the cold bounce around, one-elder-to-another, for the whole time we’ve been here.  This week the bounce hit me, hard.  Again, thank goodness for Dayquil and Nyquil.  They are life savers. My companion however, seems to have the immune system of an ox and has been perfectly healthy the whole time we’ve been here. It’s annoying. 😉

Other than the rampant spread of epidemic disease, things are going really really well here at the MTC as we finish up our work here and get ready to head to the Land of the Morning Calm. We are officially 12 days till the field. Things are really kickin up to high gear.  We feel woefully unprepared, and yet very comfortable in our unpreparedness, if that makes sense. We are super excited to get gone, and we are so excited to learn. 12 DAYS!


This week was another sad week of farewells.  Hermana Reese and Elder Egbert both headed out to Chile and Pocatello. It was sad not being able to hug Hermana Reese (even though she totally hates hugs). I got my hug quota filled by Elder Egbert, as his rib-breaking grab embraced me. I know they will both do great!

The new districts have arrived as well as the new Korean elders. The only cruel part is that we forced these jet-lagged Korean elders and sisters, after travelling for 17 hours on planes and cramped shuttle busses down to the MTC, to go through a session at the Temple. Cruel and Unusual punishment. This week was the first time we did a zone wide session at the temple. It was too big for the Provo Temple to handle.  They ended up splitting us up.  Apparently 90 are too many to fit into a session room.  Dang fire marshals. 

The Korean elders and sisters speak perfect English. It’s a little annoying. I can’t wait for the time when I will be able to speak Korean with the confidence that they speak English. I know that time will come and I am so excited for that!  I know that we will all get there, eventually.

Thanks for all of the love and support I get.  I appreciate all of dem letters doe. Keep ’em comin!

Keep doin’ what chu do best.  I love you all very much and I can’t wait to see you guys again . . . well, most of you.  ❤ 

Love, Elder Mills!


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