“Oh the great Bambino??? I thought you said the great Bambi!”

6 Mar

“Oh the great Bambino??? I thought you said the great Bambi!”

“What that stupid deer?”
2013-02-24 04.08.46

This week at the MTC Feels a lot like the 90’s cult classic “The Sandlot.” At the end of the movie they do a montage of the kids playing baseball one last time, and then give little synopsis of each players, and then have the player fade away. This week has been a lot like that. The older District has left, leaving us young kids in charge of the sandlot, and we see them fading away. This next week, we have a bunch of young guns coming in to preach the good word. 31 to be exact.. 31 New missionaries are coming into the Korean Zone, and will be with us for our last two and a half weeks here at the MTC. the really neat part about that is of the 30, only 11 of them are elders. there are 20 sisters coming into the MTC on Wednesday, this will mark the first time in our zone that there will be more sisters than elders entering the MTC. The Lord truly is hastening his work here on the mission front, and Im right here in the middle of it! Its exciting! (although I’m NOT excited for waiting for a shower any longer in the morning than I have to now, we’ve been tempted to go back to the tree of life showers in order to save time.)

This week we were EXTREMELY blessed to hear from M. Russell Ballard From the Quorum of the 12! he came and spoke to us on our Tuesday night devotional last week. Watching him speak was very moving and motivating. He talked about how hard work entitles us to the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. “Having the gift of the Holy Ghost with you is the work of a lifetime” it’s comforting to know that even a member of the 12 doesnt have the Holy Ghost with him all the time, but he constantly strives to make things better and improve himself, and thats all Heavenly Father Expects of us. As we strive to better ourselves and utilize the Atonement, Heavenly Father will bless us.

Do you know those talks that are so powerful and life changing that you cant help but feel the spirit even after the 3rd or 4th time watching it? David A. Bednar’s “Characteristics of Christ” is one of those talks, and I had the privilege of watching it again, this week. In the talk, he encourages everyone to get the cheap paperback Books of Mormon, and write a question in the front, and then read the Book of Mormon cover to cover and highlight things that you think would help answer the question you have. It is truly inspired advice, and I know that he has 3 or 4 hundred copies of the Book of Mormon on a bookshelf somewhere all marked up, showing his progression. it is something that I have started at the MTC, and it is wonderful.

Other than that nothing else exciting happened, this week is the calm before the storm!  Next week I should have my travel plans in hand and I’ll start getting ready to pack up and ship out to Korea. I’m so excited. I’m excited to not speak any Korean and be really bad. I’m excited to learn this beautiful language. I’m excited to go to the land of my ancestors and do family history. I’m just plain, excited!

I love all of you very much, thanks for all the letters and cookies (looking right at you the Hinrichsens, you are making me fat, and I LOVE it.) Thanks for all the love and support I’ve gotten, really means a lot. Talk to you next week!


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