The results from the study are in . . .

26 Feb

You could be anywhere in the world right now.  But you’re here with me.  I appreciate that.

2013-02-13 00.36.52

The results from the study came back this week.  Korean is still hard!  This week has been very emotional for everyone in the Zone. All of the older Missionaries that were here before us got on planes yesterday and traveled to Korea. It was a very sad and very spiritual time for everyone. The older District was really cool.  We learned a lot from them.  It was sad to see them go.  But for a lot of them, I will be re-united with them in 25 days. During sacrament meeting on Sunday they sang a traditional Korean folk song to us.  Almost made me cry!   The Countdown has officially started! We’re almost out of this place!

In other exciting news, my mission got split in half! The former Seoul Mission was cut in two and is now the Seoul and the Seoul South mission.  Our reassignments are incoming! It will be very interesting to see where everyone ends up. The Seoul South Mission is the South of the City (oppa Gangnam Style anybody? Quick Korean lesson for ya fools out there “Gang”, (kahng) means “river” and “Nam” means “south” so it means South of the River, Gangnam is a district in Seoul)  As well as the very large cities of Incheon and Bucheon (about the size of St. George, but WAY taller.  Population density is killer.)  All the city slicker kids are drooling over that mission, me included! The Seoul Mission is the older part of Seoul, north of the river, as well as the rest of the country. Lots and lots of small cities.  Apart of me really wants to go there too.  Small town people are some of the best people, and I would be excited to serve there too!  There’s no wrong place to be in Korea!  The only bummer is that we will only be able to see one half of the City! :I guess that means I’ll have to come back!  2018 Olympics anyone? I’m really excited to see where I end up going.

The other cool thing this week was that my Branch President and his wife, Pres. & Sis. Shin just got called to be mission presidents in the Korea Daejon mission.  (just south of us Seoul kids.)  The cool thing is, he has been branch president here for four years.  So he already knows ALL the missionaries in the field right now.  Cool, huh? It’s exciting to see how the Work is coming into place in Korea. It’s really exciting to see how events are unfolding.

One cooler thing! There are SO many missionaries I know here.  It’s so awesome to see everyone! I’m so happy to go to the meals and say, “Hi”!  Elder Alexander came in this week.  I saw him at lunch.  Tres Bien! Go, Aliante Ward! 😉  I eat lunch with Hermana Reese almost every day.  This week I had the special opportunity to strictly and professionally shake the hands of the incredibly gorgeous and every charming Hermanas Matson and Jenkins.

2013-02-24 04.31.36 2013-02-24 04.31.54

Seeing Sister Moody always brightens my day as well! Click on Sister Moody‘s name to link to her blog and find out what she is up to.  It’s so exciting to see the flood of missionaries!

2013-02-17 09.04.29

Sorry about the lack of pictures.  The computers here are poo-poo garbage.  I’ve been doing the janky send-memory-card-home-to-your-Mom thing to get pics home.  As of 2/26/13 I have sent a bunch of pictures home.  So you will be able to see my pretty face in the near future.

Thank you everyone for your letters and support.  I appreciate them very much. I love you all very much, 25 more days everyone! Love you!


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