Week Four

19 Feb

HEYOOOOOOOOOOO the real world! You guys look great! This week was pretty awesome if I do say so myself! Things here at the MTC are starting to blend together. This week was pretty uneventful, although I saw the Beautiful Sis. Mary Moody, and the ever Handsome Elder Mason Bean (Pictures will follow!)  It’s weird not being able to give hugs! That’s one thing that I do miss.

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This next week will mark my official halfway point at the MTC! I’m ready to get gone! The older District of missionaries leaves next Monday and then we will be all alone here for a week or two until the new young ones get here.  Then we will head out to the beautiful land of Korea.

Things at the MTC are……. cramped and crowded.  We got 720 new missionaries last week, with the same number coming this next week.  It seems like nobody ever leaves.  They just keep piling on Missionaries in here! The MTC may very well sink into the mountain!

The spread of disease is insane.  It’s like a giant petri  dish.  Wash your hands!   What’s really cool is that the kids who were sick four weeks ago are getting sick again, in a never-ending chain of sickness, with a different form of the disease. Virus mutation is a crazy thing, an awesome thing, a crazy-awesome thing, a crawesome thing.

MTC quiz question of the week: How many packages does the MTC mailroom have to get in order to shut down for the weekend?

The answer is 1700. The mail room got 1700 packages for Valentine’s Day and so nobody has been getting mail at all since.  It’s been kind of a bummer.  But I really feel bad for the three little BYU freshman who are in charge of the mail room.  They must have it so bad.  Poor things!

One thing I’d like to mention this week is the power of the Holy Ghost and its ability to testify of truth, no matter the language. Just last night we had to teach one of our “investigators” about the importance of baptism I ask her to be baptized even though she said last lesson she wasn’t ready. I decided to teach the lesson in all Korean. As I bore my testimony to her in jank Korean, everyone in the room could feel the spirit so strongly. I just love how the Holy Ghost will ALWAYS testify of truth, no matter how bad the language is spoken. It is very reassuring to see a witness of that before I get to Korea, where I KNOW my Korean will be even worse.

I miss everyone a whole lot!  If you guys want to send me picture of yourselves, I’d love to include them  in my photo album!  Send real pictures though.  I can’t print things here.

Love you all a whole lot.  Pictures soon! sorry!  The MTC is crazy with their security.

Talk to you next week!

P.S. Send me letters.  I write back!

Elder Ian Michael Mills
MTC Mailbox #92
Kor-Seo (0325)
2005 N. 900 E.
Provo, UT  84604


One Response to “Week Four”

  1. Tracy Ence February 20, 2013 at 3:57 am #

    Keep up the great work Ian!!

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