MTC Week Three

12 Feb

Almost halfway done with the MTC!  It’s crazy! This shortened language program is crazy! We are cramming so much and I don’t how much of what we are learning is just going in one ear and out the other! Hopefully some of it sticks 😉 This week was fairly uneventful, just the same classroom time as always, 10 hours a day, every day, all day. This week was our first full week with the Native Korean Elders, and they are so fun.  They brought tubes and tubes of super-hot chili paste and have been telling EVERYONE to try it. Talking with them makes me scared to get to Korea though! They aren’t speaking the language we are learning! 😉

FUN FACT OF THE WEEK: There are three levels of Korean and each one is basically like its own language, we are learning the high form of Korean, but everyone else in the country speaks middle form to each other, so the quote from the movie “The Best Two Years” is super applicable here.

“Elder. What language is that?”
“That’s Dutch”
“That ain’t the language they taught me in the MTC”

That’s how I feel with Korean. It is getting better though.  I am able to have pretty basic (gospel) conversation with people and also to bear a very basic testimony. My reading is getting better every day and I know I am being helped. I hope everyone has a great week. Stay Healthy! The MTC is a sociologist’s ultimate experiment, all these people from all over the world, converging on one confined area spreading their germs. Plus 20-year-old kids are nasty.

Scott and Natalie: No baths yet, we don’t have one on our floor, so we have to travel for a bath but it WILL happen, and ducky WILL be with me.

Highlight of the week was I bumped into Elder Quintin L. Cook in the cafeteria and I didn’t even recognize him. (Whoops!) Elder Gordon had to point him out to me after!

The other highlight was the devotional we watched on Sunday night by Elder Holland. It was called “Missions are Eternal” it was POWERFUL. He talked about how the first and most important convert on our missions should be ourselves. He also said that a day has not gone by in some 42 years that he doesn’t think about his mission in some way or another, and he testified that every good thing that has ever come in his life has come because of his mission. I hope to one day come to have a testimony of missionary work as strong as his.

I’m Excited to get to Korea! I love all of you very much! Talk to you next week!


2013-02-10 03.40.01P.S.  This is a picture of President and Sister Shin.  President Shin is my MTC Branch President.  They are Korean.  President Shin has just been called to be a mission president.  We don’t know which mission though.  The church announces specific assignments later in the year.  President Christensen, the Mission President to the Seoul mission, was set apart in 2012.


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