Week Two at the MTC

5 Feb

14 Days in! This week has been insane! (in a good way.) We have gotten our official schedule and are now pretty settled into the grind that will define the rest of our stay here. (Only 7 more weeks!)

Fun Fact: We are the first group of missionaries that are on the shortened eight week language program and so the older Elders will leave just three weeks before us! The next district of Korean speaking missionaries has 50+ kids in it!   We’re getting our own floor!

The most exciting part about this week is that the native Korean Elders and Sisters are coming this Wednesday! 15 Korean Natives are headed to happy valley to eat lukewarm food and crunch around in the snow and ice.

2013-02-24 10.40.10 2013-02-24 10.39.35

I’m excited to have somebody tell me how bad my Korean is (like I needed somebody to do that for me… Ha!) In all seriousness though, the language is coming along so well. We find ourselves better and better at teaching and speaking every day, until we get to Korea and we start back over at day one! (which I’m super excited for!) My Korean is coming along, slowly.  The kids in the older districts are not that much more advanced than us and I can see myself getting to their level in 3-4 more weeks of study.  I’ve been having a hard time memorizing the vocab I need to have conversations. The grammar is weird, but it isn’t incredibly difficult.  I just can’t remember the words!

Speaking of the food, I’ve gained five pounds since I’ve weighed myself last, a combination of Tacos El Gordo before my mission and then the all you can eat feel of the MTC cafeteria. Sister Bluth, one of the older Sisters has taken it upon herself to be my new dietitian and has me committed to no soda at meals.

The best part of the week was the Sunday Night Movie, The Testaments. It is the most ridiculously cheesy church movie ever made, but I still love it for the special witness of Jesus and the Book of Mormon. I’m excited to keep learning Korean. I love you all! Talk to you next week!



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