My First Week At The MTC

30 Jan

I’m officially done with week one in the MTC! What a week it has been. I flew from Las Vegas to Salt Lake City on Wednesday morning and then made my way to provizzle by cramped shuttle bus. After unloading we got all checked into the MTC, and got our official tags.

I met my companion for my stay here, Elder Gordon, and we got settled in.

Elder Gordon and I on the way to the Temple

Elder Gordon and I on the way to the Temple

The first day of class was… intense. Our teacher only spoke to us in Korean and he kept that up for 3 more days.  I am extremely blessed because our teacher, Bro. Kim is a native of Korea, so we are able to learn from the best of the best. He also has a sweet Korean poof-coat.  I’m gonna get me one of those when I get to Korea. My companion, Elder Gordon, is a really chill guy.  He’s from Bountiful, Utah and is a youngster at 18.  In fact, I’m the second oldest in the district behind one sister! crazy huh?  (I’ll send pictures next week, promise!)

The other companionship in our room is Elder Brewer and Elder Jenkins. Elder Brewer is trilingual already, and Elder Jenkins is our District leader. We have a really good room. Think Aunders is from Workaholics and you have Elder Jenkins. Elder Nixon is a hipster after my own heart and we get along fabulously, and Elder Farley is my new best friend (again, pictures, next week!) The missionaries in our district are: Elders: Brewer Jenkins, Reynolds, Nixon, Kennedy, Farley, Gordon, and me. We also have three Sisters: Sister Evans, Sister Sexton and Sister Taylor. We have the best district anyone could ask for. Everyone is fun and we are all here for the right reasons. I’m excited to spend the next 7 weeks with them.

Our days consist of 10 hours of Korean study a day, with an hour of exercise and three meals squeezed in there too. Our teacher is only there for about two hours a day, so learning Korean has been mostly up to us. It’s been weird not having a teacher to tell us what to do, and I’m a little frustrated with the lack of structure, but i think we’re all doing great. After all, we only started speaking Korean seven days ago! its weird to think how far we’ve come since then.Korean is really, really, really hard. I can’t read quickly yet.  But i could read a totally new language in two days. We haven’t learned any sort of “real life” words, which is frustrating.  But i guess we aren’t here to learn the language.  We’re learning how to be missionaries. I can’t tell you what pants are.  But I can testify of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and ask you to pray about it.
Sunday was by far my favorite day. No classes and chill time plus we got to walk the temple grounds and take pictures, and then the devotional. The devotional was really awesome.  We sang “Come Thou Fount” as the opening song, and it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever been apart of.  Almost made me cry.
I’m excited to keep learning Korean! if you go to you can send me free letters right from your computer.  Leave your address and I promise I’ll write you back! Pictures next week, I swear! I love all of you.  You guys are great!  Ill see everybody in 103 weeks! ;)Love,Elder Mills
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  1. 6moodys February 14, 2013 at 3:45 am #

    He sounds great! I’m so proud of our Highland Hill’s missionaries.

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